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We are up to the letter in L in our Divorce from A to Z series.  L stands for loans, more specifically student loans.  We are going to figure out who is responsible for paying them after divorce and what options are out there if you cannot afford the loans. First, student loans are different than most other types of debt when it comes to divorce, repayment, and dividing them up.  Generally speaking, student loans are the responsibility of the one who took them out, whether it was before marriage or during the marriage.  With other types of debt, if you...

Many people are wary or concerned about the possibility of having to go to court and talk to a judge.  It can seem like a scary process, especially when you do not have much (or bad) experience with the court system. In California, your divorce does not necessarily require you go to court, especially when it is uncontested or you have an agreement already with your spouse.  However, you do have very specific documents and forms that need to be filed with the court within certain timelines in order to keep the divorce process moving along. If, at some point in the...