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Divorce forms companies allow you to complete paperwork online, but they can’t give you legal advice. Unlike like a document preparer, the lawyers at My Virtual Divorce, P.C. are available to you through the entire divorce process. Whether you and your spouse have a complete agreement or you are representing yourself in trial, you can purchase our expertise to guide you along the way.

Amanda Jarratt and Jen Lee created the My Virtual Divorce, P.C. experience so that you can have the benefits of lower costs and better accessibility of an online company while still receiving the benefits of hiring a licensed attorney.

Hiring a divorce attorney usually requires a large retainer to start. We understand that most people cannot afford large retainers. Doing it on your own usually means missing work, struggling to understand the law and being overwhelmed by confusing legal procedures.

You need a divorce, not a hair pulling, teeth-gritting experience standing in line at the court clerk’s office. At My Virtual Divorce, P.C., we can assist you as much or as little as you need. We offer legal advice over the phone or via email. We can prepare or review your paperwork and provide you with the guidance you need to get it signed off by the Judge so you can get on the path to starting your new life as seamlessly as possible.

Divorce is hard, but we can

guide you to the happy life

you deserve. 

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